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Termite ImageSometimes referred to as whiteants, termites are an ancient lifeform. They are in fact closely related to cockroaches.

These borers can cause significant and serious damage to your home and pose a great financial impact risk. One that cannot be insured against.

At Leyton Pest Control, we offer a range of termite treatment options including Termite Interception and Baiting and can advise you on the best options for your property. Read more...

Don't tolerate cockroaches in your home or workplace. Sighting one cockroach is a sure sign that you are sharing your home with tens or  hundreds cockroaches.

Eliminating these pests requires striking a delicate balance between protecting the environment and protecting the health and safety of your family.


Rats and mice present some serious health and safety concerns. Not only do they spread germs but they can chew through just about anything, including electrical wiring, posing a fire safety risk.


These critters can literally take over your home. They are usually carried by dogs and cats. Once they have set up home in your carpet, there is no alternative but to call in professional help.


Summer is the worst season for ant problems and they can often prove very tricky to remove, especially when they are nesting in the hard structures of your home. Oftentimes the old Ant-Rid just isn't enough.


Carpet beetles are a household hazard. They love to eat fabrics and can leave some people with allergic symptoms.


Australia's bricks and mortar are a perfect breeding and living quarters for some seriously dangerous spiders.

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